Unlock Faster Downloads: Your Guide to Getting 30+ Free Real Debrid Accounts in 2023 - DowneLink (2024)

Real-Debrid has earned a reputation as one of the premier download unrestricting services available today. With over 10 million active users, Real-Debrid offers unmatched download speeds, streamable torrents, and support for a massive network of hosts.

But there‘s a catch.

Real-Debrid‘s blazing fast servers don‘t come free. Premium accounts start at €4 for 20 days of service.

That‘s why today, I‘m showing you how to get your hands on free premium Real-Debrid accounts for 2023.

With this guide, you‘ll discover:

  • How Real-Debrid works and why it‘s so popular
  • Multiple methods to earn free premium days
  • 30+ working accounts you can use today
  • Tips to find new accounts as old ones expire
  • Answers to common questions from new users

Let‘s get started unlocking Real-Debrid‘s true power without paying a cent.

Why Choose Real-Debrid for Downloading?

Real-Debrid sits on top of a vast array of hosts, torrent trackers, and file locker sites. Instead of connecting directly, Real-Debrid acts as an intermediary that provides you with ultra-fast download speeds.

But why is downloading through Real-Debrid so much better than a direct connection?

Speed – Real-Debrid unlocks download rates up to 1 Gbps depending on the hosters you use. For reference, the average home internet speed is just 50 Mbps. This drastically reduces download times.

Stream Torrents – Thanks to Real-Debrid‘s speed, you can stream torrents immediately without waiting for full downloads to complete. Perfect for movies and shows.

File Host Support – Real-Debrid grants access to over 80+ different file hosts and counting. This gives you more links and redundancies across hosts.

No Wait Times – Free users often wait hours or days between downloads. Real-Debrid premium removes all wait times so you can download nonstop.

VPN Not Required – With downloads routed through Real-Debrid, your traffic is kept safe without needing a separate VPN.

From games and software to movies, ebooks, and more – Real-Debrid makes downloading a breeze. Next, let‘s look at how you can gain free premium access.

Earning Free Real-Debrid Premium Time

Real-Debrid does not directly offer any permanently free accounts or trials. However, you can earn free premium days through a few creative methods:

1. Paid Survey Rewards

Completing paid surveys through sites like SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars rewards you with points or cash. These earnings can pay for Real-Debrid premium codes.

Most surveys run just 5-10 minutes for $0.50 to $5 payouts. With consistent participation across a few survey sites, you can easily earn enough for a full month of Real-Debrid!

2. Cashback and Rewards Programs

Programs like Rakuten and TopCashback pay you cash rewards for your everyday shopping.

For example, sign up for Rakuten, then shop online with participating retailers. You’ll earn anywhere from 1-20% cashback on your purchases. These earnings quickly add up, letting you afford recurring Real-Debrid subscriptions.

3. GPT Survey Sites

GPT (Get Paid To) survey sites like PrizeRebel, Gain.GG, and GrabPoints pay you for:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Shopping online
  • Referring friends

Most earning activities reward 10-250 points. Accumulate points to redeem gift cards or cash, which you can use towards Real-Debrid.

4. Promotions and Giveaways

Periodically, Real-Debrid offers free premium days through promotions and giveaways.

For example, they‘ve previously rewarded free days for participating in holiday contests, rating their Android app, and more.

Follow Real-Debrid through social media and forums to stay on top of the latest deals. Act fast, because these offers expire quickly!

Using a combination of these strategies, I earn enough value every month to fund my Real-Debrid subscription and more. Now let‘s look at accounts you can use today.

30+ Free and Working Real-Debrid Accounts

The following Real-Debrid accounts were gathered from public sources and communities.

I make no guarantees that every account will work, as they can expire frequently due to password changes, bans, deletions, etc. However, logging in often and trying multiple accounts will significantly increase your chances of success.

To use these accounts ethically, I ask that you please avoid changing passwords or abusing these accounts in ways that would get them shut down. This ensures they keep working for as many people as possible.

Check back frequently, as I‘m always on the lookout for new accounts to add. Let‘s get to the list:


As you can see, I labeled each account as "Working" or "Unverified" based on testing. Try working accounts first, as unverified means they still need activation.

To maximize your chances, follow these best practices:

  • Test accounts immediately before they go dead
  • Triple check usernames, emails, and passwords
  • Avoid changing passwords – this kills accounts
  • Bookmark this page to check for new accounts
  • Try multiple accounts until one works

The more accounts you try from the list, the better your odds of getting free premium access. Next I‘ll explain what happens when accounts stop working.

Why Free Accounts Eventually Stop Working

These free Real-Debrid accounts are a finite resource. Here are the main reasons they cease functioning:

Password Changed – Someone claims the account and locks you out by changing the password. Avoid doing this yourself to keep accounts circulating.

Banned – Real-Debrid detects suspicious behavior like logins from different regions or password changes. This triggers a ban.

Deleted – The original account creator logs in and deletes it to prevent further account sharing.

Expired – In rare cases, an account may have had a free trial that simply expired.

Because of these issues, it‘s impossible to guarantee the accounts above will work forever. New ones need to be continually sourced.

My best advice is to try accounts frequently and bookmark this page for future updates. Persistence pays off!

Now let‘s discuss the safety of using shared accounts.

Is it Safe to Use These Free Real-Debrid Accounts?

Shared accounts are against Real-Debrid‘s terms of service if abused. However, using them temporarily and ethically poses little risk.

Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Avoid illegal content – Real-Debrid monitors traffic
  • Don‘t purchase/trade accounts or login credentials
  • Never enter your personal info or payment details
  • Keep usage reasonable to avoid looking fraudulent
  • Expect accounts to stop working at anytime

You accept these risks anytime you use someone else‘s login credentials. But as long as you‘re careful, the benefits outweigh potential downsides.

What Payment Methods Does Real-Debrid Accept?

While this guide focuses on getting free Real-Debrid access, paid plans start at just €4 for 20 days. That‘s only €2 a month!

If you do opt to buy your own account, Real-Debrid conveniently accepts:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • PayPal – Link bank account, debit card, or PayPal balance
  • Bitcoin – For anonymous crypto payments
  • Paymentwall – For 100+ international payment options

No matter where you live, signing up for affordable Real-Debrid premium is quick and straightforward.

Now let‘s explore which apps can integrate with your free Real-Debrid account.

Top Apps that Support Real-Debrid

The true power of Real-Debrid shines through its expansive app integrations. Unlike competitors, Real-Debrid works seamlessly with:

Kodi – Access premium downloads via Real-Debrid resolver addons like ResolveURL, URLResolver, and more.

Stremio – Link your Real-Debrid account to find high-quality streamable torrents through Stremio addons.

JDownloader – Utilize Real-Debrid accounts for faster downloading in JDownloader.

Plex – Pull in more high-quality media by connecting Real-Debrid to Plex plugins.

Premiumize – Combine a Premiumize cloud subscription with Real-Debrid for next-level downloading.

Elementum – Play torrents the moment they are posted using this popular Kodi addon.

And many other apps/addons! Real-Debrid also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to enrich general web experience.

Overall, Real-Debrid integrates smoothly across all major downloading tools and media centers.

Now let‘s wrap up with some final thoughts.

Closing Recommendations

Real-Debrid undoubtedly unlocks faster and easier downloading thanks to its vast host network and zippy servers. Thankfully, you can preview these benefits using free accounts.

Just remember – shared accounts eventually stop working as they get claimed by others.

Check back frequently for updated accounts, and persistently try new logins until one works. Also avoid illegal content, and be careful not to trigger any bans.

While free accounts offer a sampling of Real-Debrid, premium plans are reasonably priced at €4 for 20 days. Consider purchasing your own account for uninterrupted access.

Have you tried any of these Real-Debrid accounts yet? I‘d love to hear your experience or answer any other questions you have! Just leave a comment below.

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Unlock Faster Downloads: Your Guide to Getting 30+ Free Real Debrid Accounts in 2023 - DowneLink (2024)


Can you get free real Debrid? ›

Do you have to pay for Real-Debrid or is Real-Debrid free? Real-Debrid offers both free and premium subscription options. The free version of Real-Debrid provides limited access to its services, including slower download speeds, fewer hoster links, and restrictions on file sizes.

How to download files with real Debrid? ›

Just right click any magnet links and choose "Send Magnet Link to Real-Debrid”. The extension will automatically select all files in the torrent and start it. Once complete you can download the contained files using chrome, or you can copy the completed links from the popup window for use with external software.

Is using real Debrid illegal? ›

Real Debrid itself operates in a legal manner, but it could still potentially aggregate links for copyrighted TV shows and movies. That's why I strongly recommend only using Real Debrid to aggregate links for content you have legal access to.

What is the best alternative to real Debrid? ›

real-debrid.com's top 5 competitors in June 2024 are: alldebrid.com, rapidgator.net, debrid-link.com, simply-debrid.com, and more.

Do you need to pay for real Debrid? ›

Real-Debrid is a subscription-based service. You need to sign up for it before you install Real-Debrid on Kodi.

What is the point of real Debrid? ›

Real Debrid incentivizes users to refer friends to the platform by offering loyalty points for each successful referral. This enhances the user's points balance and rewards. Real Debrid offers a membership program where users can accumulate points over time and redeem them for various benefits.

Can I use a VPN with Real Debrid? ›

Using a VPN along with Real-Debrid will enhance your privacy and will also give you the chance to access content that may not be available. Some media may be subject to geographical restrictions and a VPN lets you change your virtual location, meaning that you will appear as if you were somewhere else.

How much is real Debrid in US dollars? ›

What is Real Debrid? Real Debrid is a subscription service that provides its users access to additional file hosters. Subscriptions start at €3 ($3.17 USD) but can go as high as €16 ($16.88) for a six-month plan.

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