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Lol, I just sneezed and wiped out my entire post... guess I had better start againg then!

At 4/17/07 03:21 AM, Sterockicy wrote:Barracks roster – April 17, 2007

Yeay, update time again :D

Also, Hi to all of you new members! We now have over 50 members on the list and it looks pretty cool!

Yeah, we have had a lot of new recruits in the last couple of weeks. It's great to see this place moving so fast again as a result :)

Top 5 Gainers:

PenguinLink – 1402
Sentio – 1139
MadCow – 943
Metal Dart – 935
ArtDanVal – 904

Congrats to all- second place is amazing considering all the time I was away! All the fast movers of old seem to have slowed down a lot. No doubt Slash will be stiff competition for the next update though!

Special Congratulatory list:

Mega Gainers: PenguinLink!

An impressive total there!

Top gainers, repeat offenders: Sentio, MadCow, PenguinLink, ArtDanVal!

The Usual Suspects I see :D

King of the portal: (highest voting power): life!

I don't think any of us will catch that any time soon, as we don't have enough EXP. The only person who might is Coop.

At 4/17/07 03:28 AM, Sterockicy wrote:Rank // Total B/P points // Gain // Gain/day // Gain rise/drop // VP // Name

08 // 31740 // 0000 // 000.0 // 000.0+ // 09.04 // EagleRock
09 // 30828 // 0638 // 045.6 // 045.2+ // 09.37 // SlashFirestorm

The next targets, although the chances of me catching Slash have decreased significantly upon his return. It will be a sad day when I pass Eagle :(

10 // 29965 // 1139 // 081.4 // 012.2- // 09.53 // Sentio

Pretty damn good with the time off, and oh so close to EGSC :D

12 // 28433 // 0117 // 008.4 // 046.1- // 09.01 // Hemlok


At 4/17/07 03:29 AM, worldfamous wrote:i dont know if any of you even remember me, but i used to be pretty active around here until i started college. oddly enough, i started at Virginia Tech. so, ive been around for the first killer hanging out on campus and now this one.

just curious as to your thoughts.

I do remember you- in fact we were very close in B/P for some time when I first got onto the top 300 list (I was Donthurtme back in those days). It's good to see you around, although not under these circ*mstances. I hope all of your friends are OK, and that everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.

At 4/17/07 12:37 PM, Snerd wrote:My new goal is to be Private First Class by Pico Day or at least at the end of Pico Day. That's a rather ambitious goal, but I think I can make it. I'm almost at 1600 at the time of this post and I think if I can get a few weekend votings under my belt, I should get there. I should have slightly over 1600 by tonight.

I hope you make your goal in time. You have plenty of time to get those points, so with enough determination you'll make it with ease. One thing I have noticed when people join the Barracks is that they soon get swept up into the higher B/P paces of some of the higher ranked members, so I expect a few of you will speed up before long :D.

At 4/17/07 12:50 PM, Coop83 wrote:
A real shock to hear about the shooting in Virginia. I was in the gym and caught the scoop while lifting my weights. At least there's more news of late than on Saturday morning - Prince William and Kate Middleton split up -.-

The Royal Family are more popular, and more talked about over here than they are in the UK. That split up made all of the headlines in Colorado.

At 4/17/07 01:05 PM, SlashFirestorm wrote:Wanna rank up faster? It's time to look at...


1) Drop out of school.
It's true, all you needed to know, you learned in kindergarten. Share your toys, don't piss yourself, and don't share hats. School gets in the way of B/P.

Lol, been there, don that. School seems like a long time ago now.

2) Quit your job.
You're only helping to turn the cogs of the vile corporate system, anyhow. Employment gets in the way of B/P.

Well, better yet would be to get a job where you can B/P all day at the office, whilst getting paid- that has worked great for me :D

3) Cut your sleep down to three hours a night.
The average human being will spend more than a third of their life in bed. What a pitiful statistic. You should spend it sitting in your computer chair until it breaks, blamming and protecting, like a sane person. Sleep gets in the way of B/P.

I've been around that mark for the last six months now for one reason or another, although I don't usually get up and B/P while I'm trying to sleep. When I'm at university I have my laptop on next to me when I sleep, so every time I wake up I sweep up the new entires in the portal.

4) Cut all ties with real-life friends.
Friends are great, but they get in the of B/P'ing, wanting to 'hang out' and 'talk' all the time. Selfish f*ckers. Remove this element from your life and replace it with repetitive clicking. Friends get in the way of B/P.

Done and done- I even moved to another continent to get rid of them :D

5) Stock up on supplies.
To be a complete and masterful B/P'er, you will need some materials.

---Two or three 2-liter bottles of water. Nothing but water; anything else will cloud your judgement. Getting up to drink gets in the way of B/P.

But beer makes the whole experience so much more fun!

---A jumbo box of goldfish crackers, the kind with three bags in it. Moses survived in the wilderness solely on goldfish crackers. Seriously, look it up. Getting up to eat gets in the way of B/P.

Lol, I'll bear that in mind- nothing beats good old Cadbury's chocolate in my mind though, if you can get it.

---A bottle of caffeine pills/amphetamines, for when willpower alone isn't gonna keep you awake any longer. Weak will gets in the way of B/P.

Well you need to strengthen your will power then, or be stressed enough from work and life to not be able to sleep anyway...

---A bottle of advil/your favorite prescription medication, for when your eyeballs feel like they're about to burst. Pain gets in the way of B/P (Non-drowsy stuff only, obviously. Time and a place for everything).

I've never had a problem with that, but then I don't watch the screen all the time, rather I just leave it on and do something else, coming back frequently to refresh the page- Portal Guard has made that a lot easier!

---A large pot or two for storing bodily waste. Going to the bathroom gets in the way of B/P.

Pfft, just B/P in the bathroom- problem solved.

---An uninterruptible power supply for those pesky blackouts. Power outages get in the way of B/P.

That one has been a problem at times, but I don't have much choice in that unfortunately.

There, you're set to B/P for one to three weeks. Not being prepared gets in the way of B/P.

So yes. You're living a life free of a lot of unneeded distractions, like friends and family, and B/P'ing faster than you ever have. are a B/P Master.


EGSC in 17 points and counting...


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