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Dr. Mike Lemmon, DVM

Dr. Mike Lemmon was born in Ogden, Utah and spent some of his childhood in Colorado while his father went to veterinary school.

Dr. Mike developed a love for the profession while he followed his father on emergency calls and around various veterinary clinics.

His favorite parts of this amazing career are saving lives, surgery, dentistry, and watching patients and their families grow and change. Mike’s goal is to make a difference by helping the pets of Ogden and beyond live the healthiest and happiest lives possible with their best friends and families.

Dr. Mike’s hobbies include family time, motorcycles, mountain biking, hiking, fast cars, fishing, drawing, and many more. He is also teaching his daughter to love all the same things.

Traveling has helped Dr. Mike appreciate the splendors of Utah and how lucky we are to live in the United States of America.

(His wife thinks he should be in commercials because he is handsome and has great hair.)

Dr. Kara Tassone, DVM

Dr. Kara Tassone was born here on the Wasatch front and enjoyed growing up near the mountains where she learned to love hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

She attended Weber State University where she graduated with Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Zoology. After graduation she then took a few years away from academia to enjoy the outdoors and to fall in love with motorcycle riding and her husband.

Dr. Kara attended St George’s University on the island of Grenada where she and her husband enjoyed the island life (between studying) and being able to learn about medicine in a very practical manner. They completed their 4th year of Veterinary education at the University of Illinois.

Following completion of her DVM, Dr. Kara did an internship in small animal medicine, emergency, and surgery at the Animal Referral and Emergency Center in Mesa, Arizona. After completing her internship she worked doing relief medicine at multiple emergency facilities while living in AZ. Later she and her husband moved back to Utah where she joined the team at Animal Care Center and K-9 Rehabilitation. There she learned to appreciate amazing staff, clients and patients. She also developed a passion for end of life care and acupuncture.

Ultimately, she missed being able to help patients and families in their most stressful moments- so she decided to return to emergency medicine.

Dr. Kara has served on many committees, both national and local. She is the former President Elect of the Utah Veterinary Medical Association and believes veterinarians have to speak to be heard. Her motto is “lead to inspire.” We all have something we are passionate about- SO LETS CHANGE THE WORLD AROUND US!

She loves living on the Wasatch front with her husband, daughter, their dogs Bob and Goblin, and their cats Ice Cream and Stubart.

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Tyler - Practice Manager

Tyler was born and raised here along the Wasatch Front and began his path in veterinary medicine in 2016. During that time he has worked in many facets of vet med, however, being manager of a clinic is his most exciting challenge yet.

He also has a passion for aviation and has his private pilot license so when he is not working, you can find him and his husband flying to exciting places or studying to become an airline pilot.

Tyler is a dog-dad to a black lab named Skyy and a yellow lab named Bailey, both of whom test his patience daily but whose quirks he adores (even if he won’t tell you).

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Cassidee - Technician

Cassidee was born and raised in Utah. She has been in the veterinary field since 2015 with general practice and emergency medicine experience. She started out her passion for the field as a high school intern, eventually leading her to a job in a general practice.

In her free time, she loves to craft and be outdoors with her soon to be husband, Tyler. Cassidee has 1 dog named Booker, 1 cat named Autumn, and 5 chickens.

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Julie - Care Coordinator

Julie is a Montana native who moved to Utah as a first grader. She lives in a very old Ogden Railroad house with her husband and two dogs, Ruger and Arie, who are sassy little Aussiedoodles. She has 3 adult daughters, two grandsons, 2 grand dogs and 3 grand horses. While she spends most of her time working behind the scenes so your pets all come into a clean and welcoming environment, she loves the opportunity to greet our clients and their pets upon arrival to TLC.

When Julie is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing games, barbecuing, camping, riding horses and vacationing in Montana. Her hobbies include: creating art quilts, charity quilts, painting Santa/Easter eggs and collecting antiques/Coca-Cola items.

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Brittany - Technician

Brittany was born in California but raised here in northern Utah. She has been in the veterinary field since 2013 and has two dogs named Maverick and Frank. She also has a rat named lily!

In her spare time, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides with her husband Bryn and camping with her two kids, Sammi and Logan.

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Fredie - Care Coordinator

Fredie is your patient care coordinator. She enjoys laughing, moving, and meeting new pups and their people.

“This is us, Georgie and Fredie! Life is GRAND with Georgie in it!”

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Carolina - Care Coordinator

Carolina is one of our outstanding care coordinators. She is originally from California and has been living in Utah for the past 17 years. She loves animals, especially pugs, and currently owns a rescued mini schnauzer! Being bilingual gives her the opportunity to help with our Spanish speaking clients which she greatly enjoys.

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Genesis - Technician

Genesis was raised in California before moving to Ogden with her family. She has had a love for animals since she was young and so decided to build her career around that. She attended Broadview University where she graduated with her associates degree in veterinary medicine. She enjoys going to zoos and aquariums with her daughter and runs a zoo herself at home with two funny bulldogs, a cat, snake, a couple tarantulas and a salt water fish tank.

Gen has a passion for exotics and has plans to become a certified zoo technician in the future.

Pic Coming Soon

Mary - Technician Assistant

Mary joined TLC in 2023 and is very excited to begin her career in veterinary medicine. She is very passionate about animals, so much so that she has seven of her own! In her free time she loves to go hiking and take her dogs out to enjoy nature.

Pics and Bios Coming Soon

Brooke - Lead Technician

Craig - Care Coordinator

Janet - Technician

Lynda - Care Coordinator

About Us — TLC Pet Care (2024)
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